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Just because no one is talking on an HF band does not necessairly mean the band is dead.

There is a system of beacons on the HF bands (20m thru 10m) that transmit regular signals for us to use to gauge world wide propagation.

On 10m there are beacons all over the world. These are in the 28.100 to 28.300 range. A list is here.

If you can hear one of the beacons that means that the band is open to where the beacon is, so try calling CQ.

Even if you do not copy CW, but you hear only 1 or 2 the band is doubtful, but if you hear 20 or 30 the band is probably open, just not being used.

Details and frequencies and timing of the beacons are on this web site.

New hams: the sun has entered the low part of its 11 year cycle. This means that the upper HF bands (20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m) will be dead much of the time. You should still check the propagation forecasts and the beacons but do not count on them.
20m will be the most useful and most often open.

The lower HF bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m will be where the activity is. Check the left hand column at this web site for propagation forecast.
About Beacons...

This image updates frequently as band conditions change.
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This really cool site shows a world map with lines indicating where contacts are being made.

There is a lot to configure (select the band you are interested in first) so play around with it.
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Quick guide to HF Propagation
North American VHF Propagation Thanks to WWW.DXMAPS.COM