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"Our mission is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and operating efficiency. And, to have fun!"
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     Broward County
    Preparedness net

   7PM Friday
     146.610 110.9Hz
We can program your HT or mobile rig,
  click here to send me the brand and
  model and I will see if we have the cable
  and it is supported in Chirp (link).

  If you have the cable and a programming
  app then we are good to go and can
  program it at any of our events
            As of 2019/03/06:
People on the roster : 61
ARRL Members         : 28
Percent ARRL members : 46%

We do not meet the
requirements to be an ARRL
affiliated club.
Real time lightning strikes
Q Code of the Week

Q codes were developed in the early years of ham radio when everyone used Morse Code. We still use them on all modes, including face to face.

All of the codes can be sent as a question and as a statement

QRS? Should I send slower?

QRS   Send slower
(I will be sending this alot)

Manger Positions:
If you would like volunteer for one of the open manager positions, please contact Rich WB4EHG
To ask a question or if you need help or to make a suggestion, click this link.

Click the link above if you would like us to program your HT at lunch or a meeting

Have questions? Need help? Click the link below.⤵
We need a Net Control Station (NCS) to fill in for one of our NCS who will be unavailable for 2 months. Come on - give it a try, it's easy. Please contact our net manager

              2m Net

Thursday May 9 @ 7:30ET
147.210MHz +600kHz, 131.8Hz
            HF Outing

- Sunday 05/19 at Vista View
in Davie starting at 8AM
May Meeting Summary is now on-line:

Click here to view the May meeting summary
To view May presentation about
DXing using satellites: Click Here

              2m Net

Thursday May 23 @ 7:30ET
147.210MHz +600kHz, 131.8Hz
May Board Meeting Summary is now on-line:

Click here to view the May board meeting summary

       Field Day! Link Here

June 22 & 23
We have the Markham pavilion again.
Is anyone interested?
If not, we are going to have to cancel our participation
Another lightning strikes