RF* Net (146.640 -600, 103.5Hz and 443.250 +5MHz, 103.5 when linked) [* Named for Rob Frailing, our founder] 

The RF Net is our weekly 2m net. Its goal is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge and fraternalism. The net gives us a chance to stay in touch more frequently than the monthly meeting.

The NCS will start the net at 7:30PM ET and take check-ins. Several times during the net the NCS will call for additional check-ins. Everyone gets a chance to tell us what they have been up to and ask questions. We really encourage asking questions, everyone learns something. You can mention equipment that you would like to sell or trade. This is an excellent forum to recruit folks to help raising or lowering masts, towers and antennas. Please see the home page for the date of the next meeting.

Test Sessions Last Monday of the month at 6:00PM ET

We offer ARRL test sessions on the last Monday of the month.  Testing begins at 6:00PM ET at the Pine Island Multipurpose Center. Please check the ARRL testing web page to find out what you need to bring with you

Lunches (Every Friday at 11:30PM ET)

What started out as a few guys getting together for lunch has grown into a popular weekly event, with 15+ folks attending. This is not really a DCARC event but since all of the officers usually attend, we do discuss club business and plans. We take over the Pub's meeting room and can use their HDTV for presentations. The wait staff know us all by name and take very good care of us. Here is a link to a map to "Ye Olde Falcon Pub" in Davie, Fl.
HF Outings at Vista View Park (Monthly, usually the 3rd Sunday starting around 7:30ET & lasting as long as anyone wants to stay or the park closes)

Check the web site landing page before venturing to the park. We are not meeting as this text describes

We get together at Vista View Park  in west Davie for some informal  HF operating. Folks bring out their HF rigs, portable power solutions and portable antennas and setup in the park (around 70 feet high).  Ok, you can set up VHF rigs too. Many folks stop by to chat and enjoy the weather. This is a good time to test out your power generators and portable equipment.
Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
We are Radio Active
These are our scheduled events. Everyone, member or not, is invited to join in.  For your convenience, we send out a reminder email before each event.
                            Our contact information is on the About page.

Field Day We participate in the ARRL's annual field day exercise.

Please click here for a description of what Field Day is all about

Click here to see
photos of our 2016 Field Day, here to see our operating results for our 2016 Field Day.

Click here to see our FD 2017 results and photos
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Blue Moon Diner in Davie (Map & Address)
See Fred's email here for instructions
Contact Fred here if you are interested in our next outdoor session
Monthly Meetings (First Tuesday of the month at 7:30PM ET)

Our monthly meeting begins at 7:30PM ET on the first Tuesday of the month at the 

Everyone is invited, member or NOT.

We try to keep the business portion of the meeting short. We always have a presentation after business is concluded. Materials used during the presentation will be available on this site's Links page, when possible.

Many members arrive early and enjoy socializing.

Meeting summaries in PDF format are available here for you to download.