This page is for our 2016 ARRL Field Day event.
We are partnering with the Broward Amateur Radio Club to setup and operate from Markham Park.

Further down on this page is a copy of the ARRL's description of Field Day.
Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
We are Radio Active

Field Day starts at 1PM (ET) Saturday June 25 and runs for 24 hours ending at 1PM Sunday June 26. We will begin setting up on Friday June 24 and will be ready start when the opening "CQ FD" call is sent.

We are operating from the corporate pavilion at Markham Park in west Broward. This is the largest pavilion at the park and is close to the entrance.
We will have some signs up and there will be a big yellow crane holding uhp an antenna. It has its own restrooms and grills. There is lots of parking. You can camp overnight at the pavilion. We will have a talk-in station on the 147.210 repeater. There is a park fee of $1.50 per person on weekends.

We will be transporting the heavy equipment (generator, tower sections, antennas, …) to the park starting Friday afternoon. We will be making HF & VHF contacts to test out the equipment. Someone will be at the pavilion all Friday and Saturday nights and the equipment will be available for you to operate.

We will be operating in the “2A” category: two stations on the air at the same time running from emergency power - the power generator. We will also have a GOTA station and a VHF station. These two are “free” stations but count for QSO points.

We need operators for all of the stations. We will have an experienced operator work with those new to HF. Note that the station will operate under the privileges of the experienced op so Technicians can use the General/Extra bands.

We need volunteers to operate the stations, help setup and tear down. We need volunteers to bring consumables for general consumption and station accessory items, here is a list.

PLEASE email us if you will bring any of these items and/or plan to operate and tell us what and when you will be at the park.

We are not supplying meals for everyone this year aside from anything on the above list that is brought for general consumption. We will supply coffee and cups. You are welcome to bring your own food and use the grills. Bring sealable containers for your food (there are ants in the park) and label what is yours. There could be a late night pizza run, no promises though.

If you plan to attend, here are some personal things you might want to bring with you:

Ice (all 3 days)
Bottled water
Runs of coax with PL-259 connectors
Power cords & outlet strips
Coax barrel connectors (F to F)
Bug spray
Water or other liquids
Food & snacks
Electric fan
Hard hat for antenna & tower work
Change of clothes
Medications you need
You can email, come to lunch, check into the RF net or call on 147.210 repeater if you have questions or to volunteer.
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Thanks to Robin N4HHP, Broward County issued a proclimation designating June 24 to 26 as ARRL Field Days in Broward Cty. You can read the proclimation here.